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Executive Board & Asset Management.

Dr. iur. Norbert Marxer Dr. iur. Norbert Marxer Chairman
Curt Steffen Walker, MBA Curt Steffen Walker, MBA CEO & Chief Investment Officer
Mag. Günther Hotz Mag. Günther Hotz Member of the Executive Board & Senior Asset Manager
Michael Iten, M.A. Michael Iten, M.A. Member of the Executive Board & Asset Manager

IT & Risk Management.

Matthias Smektalla Matthias Smektalla IT- & Risk Manager
Sandro Bellani Sandro Bellani IT- & Risk Manager


Christof Staubli Christof Staubli Sales Director
RNDr. Ing. Iveta Teynier RNDr. Ing. Iveta Teynier Senior Relationship Manager CZ. SK
Dr. Umur Caglar Dr. Umur Caglar Senior Wealth Manager, Northern Europe

Back Office.

Isabelle Tischler Isabelle Tischler Head of Administration
Heiko Holletschke Heiko Holletschke Customer Service

Company Presentation