ICM – Market Report 2020/02 |

In February, the corona-virus epidemic has dominated global headlines. While falling case numbers in China initially eased the situation somewhat, share prices came under massive pressure after the middle of the month after the virus had also established itself in Europe, especially in Italy. The S&P 500 Index suffered the worst trading week ever in the last week of the month. Panic sales smashed the index by more than 11% in a week. While certain experts assume the risk of a global recession, others consider a short-term shock to the capital markets to be more likely. At the end of the month, the prices had at least stabilized a little bit. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop, but in the past (most recently in December 2018) we have seen that it is worthwhile to remain largely invested even in uncertain times in order to participate in the possible subsequent recovery.

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