Its decision to become climate-neutral was much more than just a good intention, as International Capital Management AG has been supporting non-profit foundations and projects for years. The company thereby underscores the importance of treating people and the environment with respect.

With the offset proceeds, carbon-connect AG supports climate protection projects worldwide and thereby makes a contribution to protecting the environment in effective and specific ways.

With the offset proceeds, carbon-connect AG supports climate protection projects worldwide and thereby makes a contribution to protecting the environment in effective and specific ways.

ICM AG has set itself the aim of supporting a non-profit foundation or project every year. This year, ICM AG has also started working with the Swiss offsetting organisation carbon-connect AG to support a rainforest conservation project in the Brazilian Amazon region. The aim of the project is to stop deforestation as soon as possible in the Cikel region – the Amazon’s largest remaining section of rainforest – and thereby save some 1,300 endangered animal and plant species from extinction. By supporting various projects worldwide, carbon-connect AG enables companies and individuals to offset all or some of their CO2 emissions.

Growth is only possible with the right climate

A good climate is known to be essential for thriving nature and sustained growth. This applies just as much to the working environment as it does to open nature. By participating in non-profit projects each year, ICM AG underlines the importance of working hand in hand for the wellbeing of all, whether in personal or professional matters.

In times of climate change and the associated impoverishment of a large part of the global population, it is more important than ever to take responsibility beyond our private and professional boundaries. The world has come to the realisation that striking a balance between give and take and making sensible use of resources is more beneficial in the long term than scrupulous, unilateral exploitation.

ICM’s investment in the REDD APD rainforest conservation project is not entirely altruistic, however: with a contribution of CHF 10,000.00, ICM supports the forest protection and reforestation project (REDD ADP) in the Brazilian jungle in the municipality of Paragominas (state of Pará) and thereby helps to preserve the diversity of the jungle. With this commitment, ICM offsets all of its greenhouse gas emissions and will be climate-neutral for the next four years. carbon-connect AG shows companies the quickest and most efficient way to neutralise their CO2 emissions and become climate-neutral.

Sustainability – a credo with a future

The company’s credo is to conduct its business sustainably and ensure progress with its efforts. »Only those who calculate risks on an ongoing basis by all  eans available and continually minimise them with supreme knowledge, the best products and absolute reliability, will today be able to multiply funds and create assets on a sustainable basis.« With this credo, ICM AG is building a bridge between itself and its clients. »It is a unique bridge between the institutional investment world and you as a private investor,« states the company on its website.

In addition to offsetting its own emissions, the company has relocated to a new building in order to become even more sustainable in the interest of keeping the environment in tact. Protecting the environment does not mean having to make sacrifices. The new office premises prove that state-of-the-art facilities and climate friendliness are in no way mutually exclusive: all of the materials used meet the best environmental standards.

»Each of us has a responsibility towards our planet. Protecting our environment and assisting people in need are issues that concern us all. Those who are in a position to help have a duty to do so. We are pleased to have been recognised as a climate-friendly company. It will motivate us to continue investing in similar products.«

TEXT: Christof Küng – PICTURE: Hugo Felix