Our personality emphasises our own absolute reliability. Anyone who pairs the highest levels of expertise with the best products requires integrity and a pure personality in order to guarantee reliable handling of finances.

The ICM corporate culture is characterised, in particular, by its partnership-based approach and the highest levels of commitment, motivation and reliability. The entire team has long-standing professional experience. Every employee is required to have general knowledge in addition to his/her specialist field. Ongoing education is taken as read. This leads to an ongoing expansion of knowledge as well as personal emotional skills. Both together have resulted in our entrepreneurial and social-minded personality.

Our consciousness is therefore shaped by free-thinking, independent of conflicts of interest and the ability to act accordingly – always in the interests of our customers. Over the last 20 years, the management team has developed a global network of experts comprising financial analysts, lawyers, auditors, trustees and scientists in order to ensure the highest possible degree of expertise and to provide our customers with a reliable service. In addition to this organic growth in our relationships and regular encounters with selected partner representatives, our multi-dimensional approach is also based on financial and mathematical trend tracking thanks to applied cybernetics. Individuality, independence and reliability are important to us. When it comes to your assets, absolute reliability and the highest possible levels of discretion are a top priority. We want to secure your trust with our service. And this service is measured in terms of exceptional performance. Joint success forms the basis for our lasting partnership and ongoing collaboration. This is the goal of correct asset management!