Our philosophy has been focusing on knowledge for over 20 years because it can guarantee your financial progress. After all, the same thing applies to both finances and expertise: it is long-lasting experience which guarantees knowledge and defines the correct way of handling money!

We are convinced that customer safety can only be achieved through the highest possible level of personal identification with an individual’s own goals as well as continuity in customer relations and a consolidated overview of assets. Our strategies are therefore based on the existing customer philosophy and an independent and maximally secured approach to investment. Our investment is shaped by the assumption of respon­sibility, integrity and solidarity. We therefore work in a fully transparent manner. This means complete openness both in the presentation of our own financial tools and with regard to our fees.

As an independent asset management company, we are not subject to any sales pressures in our choice of investment products. Furthermore, as an owner-managed limited company, we are not accountable to third-party shareholders and are therefore free to determine our own strategy purely in accordance with sustainability criteria. The decision of which partners we collaborate with is made solely in the interests of our customers and never in pursuit of short-term incentives. As such, every investment approach is required to undergo detailed risk analysis. We aim to take advantage of opportunities by highlighting, calculating and minimising risk.

Protecting your assets is one of the key tasks of our risk management. For us, this means managing investment risk and protecting private assets against unauthorised access from third parties. We consider ourselves to be an asset preservation company rather than just an asset manager. We achieve this goal by building a bridge between the world of institutional investment and our private customers. This is the goal of correct asset management!