The management of our portfolios and strategies have concentrated on sustainable products for over 20 years. Our portfolios are therefore secure and form the only bridge between the private and institutional world. This bridge is available for the exclusive use of our customers.

Planning assets on an individual basis and providing our customers with a maximum degree of flexibility is our motto and a priority investment approach for any portfolio. Given the changes taking place in the world of finance, it is no longer sufficient to invest with an inflexible financial concept. The possibility of reacting immediately to unforeseen events on the market is the principle behind our active asset management strategy these days. This means that we can react in the inte­rests of our customers, whether the stock markets are weak or strong. All medium and long-term investment options these days are subject to this tried and tested principle. ICM does not pursue short-term market trends in its solutions but rather operates with a global focus and in a sustainable fashion. Our managed portfolios therefore focus on the client’s investment goals and requirements. These are more important to our investment recommendations than short-term market events.

Our investment approach, developed over the last few years, has now proven itself. It is based on a solid assessment of the fundamental market situation, taking account of factors which dominate in the short term, such as cash flows and market psychology. The aim is to invest in markets and investment categories which enable correlation-free stable performance. We regularly devise various conceivable scenarios for the future which are widely discussed, scrutinised and checked in an investment policy meeting. The resulting probabilities then form the basis for our investment policy which reflects our company viewpoint. This allows us to ensure that our investment strategy is forward-thinking and adapted to the relevant market environment. New investment ideas are assessed for any weaknesses as part of individual scenarios. This provides an insight into the risk/return ratios in various market environments. Overall, the ICM management has over 20 years of experience and expertise. The investments we make are exceptional in terms of the cost structure, efficiency and creativity involved. Together with our clear specifications relating to risk structure and yield maximisation, we use mathematical and financial approaches to neutralise the portfolio against market risks. Our offers include a managed fund portfolio with institutional investment funds, a bond portfolio which primarily invests in new issues of structured equity products and individual asset management. This is the goal of correct asset management!

Alternative Equity Strategy (AES) - Portfolio of structured products (from EUR 100'000)

Portfolios with structured products (i.g. equity bonds) are equity strategies for those investors seeking continuous above-average returns in markets trending up, down and/or sideways. As the name suggests, these bonds use equities as their underlying asset. Investors are prepared to take on an equity risk as the price performance of the bond is linked to the price performance of the underlying assets. The potential returns are therefore limited to a monthly fixed coupon. However, in comparison to a direct investment in equities, the level of risk is also limited, as the portfolio invests only in so-called protected equity bonds. In addition to the main characteristics of short maturities (six to fifteen months) and strike price (price of the share at the time of issue), protected equity bonds have a barrier of 40% to 50% below the strike price. The issuer guarantees the monthly coupon payments and repayment of the capital at full nominal value, provided that the price of the underlying assets remains above the barrier throughout the term. If the price equals or falls below the barrier during the term, then repayment at maturity takes the form of shares, and the monthly coupon payment is not made for the months in which the price has fallen below the barrier on the observation date. This portfolio therefore offers risk-sensitive investors an interesting way of generating returns on volatile markets, as the investor is not affected if the share price falls below the strike price by 10%, 20%, 30% or even 40% during the term. The objectives of this portfolio are sustainable targets; comparable with the stock market, but with less risk than direct investment in shares.

The Alternative Equity Strategy (AES) is available as AESL (Alternative Equity Strategy LargeCap), AESM (Alternative Equity Strategy MidCap) and AESC (Alternative Equity Strategy Conservative). For more information please click HERE.

Investment Strategy Portfoliomanagement EUR (from EUR 250'000)

The Investment Strategy Portfoliomanagement Mandate of International Capital Management AG offers access to the best investment opportunities in the market starting with an investment amount of EUR 250,000. The portfolio offers an optimized diversification effect due to its wide spread investments.

The Investment Strategy Return EUR seeks to achieve defensive, real long-term asset growth with moderate price fluctuations. Interest and dividend income are the primary sources of return, but also capital appreciation on a supplementary basis.

The Investment Strategy Balanced EUR focuses on real asset growth in the long term, where medium price fluctuations can be expected. Income is generated through interest and dividend payments as well as capital appreciation gains.

AMC Diversified Opportunities

The investment solution «diversified opportunities” of International Capital Management AG offers a complete strategic asset allocation in just one vehicle (Actively managed certificate – AMC). The certificate is ideally positioned to participate in the global financial markets through its broad alignment. Experienced investment experts will take all investment  decisions off your shoulders. By investing in the actively managed certificate “diversified opportunities” of ICM AG, you will participate, on a costoptimized basis, in financial products and markets that are closed to individual investors or diffcult to access. Furthermore, the certificate often subscribes to investment products that are usually only open to institutional investors with minimum investment amounts greater than EUR 1 million. Only the best products are included in the portfolio based on strict research and investment criteria. We perform profound analysis of the philosophy, strategy, investment process, performance and even the responsible persons of our target products. In addition, a dynamic asset allocation process allows that the portfolio quickly reacts to changing market conditions. This is the only way to ensure that our selection for the “diversified opportunities” comprises the best investment opportunities. The daily professional risk monitoring of the portfolio composition ensures that you are always invested in a broadly diversified portfolio. The option of a monthly subscription can also be used as a long-term savings plan which makes you benefit from a cost-averaging effect.

Megatrend EUR Fund portfolio (from EUR 50'000)

“A good ice hockey player plays where the puck is. A great ice hockey player plays where the puck will be” (Wayne Gretzky). In this sense, the Megatrend fund portfolio is pursuing a forwardlooking strategy that participates in long-term Megatrends through thematic investments. Climate change, demographic changes and resource shortages are being pursued by humanity with anxious attention. But the greatest changes in our generation are also opening up opportunities. Investments in Megatrends offer enormous growth potential over the long term. You can benefit from investment products, which are not or only partially accessible to individual investors and are generally only open to institutional investors with a Minimum subscription sum of EUR 1 million. Only the best products that can be attributed to a clear Megatrend and fulfill the strict selection criteria are included in the portfolio. Constant monitoring of the underlying positions and a clear focus on the respective market conditions ensure that you are optimally invested at all times. By means of an investment in the managed Megatrend fund portfolio of International Capital Management AG, you participate in the sustainable changes of our environment and are already investing in the future.

Tailored asset management (from EUR 1'000'000)

To be able to have a perfectly personal strategy implemented in a cost-effective and targeted manner, a seven-digit minimum investment is required. There, our customers with an individual asset management mandate in place benefit directly from better conditions and the option to have the investment products designed individually according to their personal specifications. For structured products, in particular, both the investment approach to selecting underlyings and the structure can be »custom-made« as per customers’ requests. Strategy and composition in a fund portfolio can be designed just as individually.